Trophy Skinning and Game Care

Trophy care and skinning techniques are varied but we have assembled some useful tips to maximize the odds your trophy will reach us unharmed and ready for taxidermy.  Please don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your upcoming adventure - we may have some more information and resources available for you to further proper preservation of your future trophy taxidermy.

  •     Never salt your trophy skins unless you have turned eyes, ears, nose and lips along with removing all red meat and especially fat. 
  •     ​Never put your trophy skins in a cooler with ice. Water and heat is what causes bacteria to grow. Introducing water to the skin will only cause problems later.
  •     Cool the skin down by laying it open over night. In the morning fold it skin side to skin side and place in a cool shaded area until you get into us. You can buy yourself a couple days time if done correctly.

Trophy Care Instructions (pdf)